24 Hour Fitness Super Sport VS Sport

You are probably looking for an answer to what is 24 hour fitness and why it is different than sport, right?

Or you might be interested in 24 hour super fitness vs sport.

Well, you’ve landed in the right place.

The main differences are:

Super Sports: The Super Sport clubs cost more because they have all of the amenities. You can choose from a pool, racquetball court, or sauna and towel service for free- so take your pick!

Sports: Regular Sports locations will usually offer just a basketball court or pool area. Though super sports also have longer Kid’s club hours and run more Group X classes than regular sports, making them great for kids who love playing multiple games at once!

Are planning to decide which membership or subscription to choose? Let’s read more details.

What are the different club types?

24 Hour Fitness has 3 different gyms that each provide their own set of features. For example, an “Active” gym might offer Walking Machines while others only incorporate strength training equipment like Weights or Pulleys which are not allowed in all 24/7 facilities as they don’t meet vestibule requirements due to safety concerns where I work (yes it exists).

How to search for what clubs are near me?

Use our Club Finder search by address or city/state. You may also call 1-800-854-7200 for more information on a specific club.

Where do I go if I am looking for an active club?

You will want to visit your local 24 Hour Fitness location to determine which club type best fits your needs. If there is no 24 Hour Fitness in your area, check with your local YMCA, health club, or community center.

What clubs do I have access to with my current membership?

Your membership gives you access to all of the clubs in your area. If you have more than one membership, each membership will provide you with access to any clubs where it is active.

What is Super Sports on 24 Hour fitness?

A great way to stay in shape without having the hassle or expense associated with other gyms. You can do circuit workouts at your own pace using their specific equipment like rowing machines which will have you sweating by day’s end but feeling fantastic after all those tough reps are done–especially since there’s no need to wait around before moving onto another station;

Can I join multiple clubs?

Yes! You may join as many clubs as you like. Just make sure they are within your local area.

What if I want to change clubs?

You can transfer your membership between clubs at no charge. Simply call Customer Service at 1-800-542-

Are all cubs of 24 Hour open?

Yes! All of our clubs are open 7 days per week, including holidays.

Can I bring my dog to work out?

No. Our facilities are designed for fitness training and not as pet-friendly environments. We recommend that pets be left at home while visiting us.

Is there an age limit to join?

The minimum age requirement to become a member of 24 Hour FitnessĀ® is 18 years old.

Can I get discounts if I am under 18?

No, unfortunately, we don’t allow membership aged under 18.

24 Hour Fitness membership prices

The pricing at 24 Hour Fitness is fairly inexpensive for the facilities and services they provide. With over 400 clubs across the United States and almost 4 million members, 24 Hour Fitness is a fitness industry pioneer. It has some competence in providing the tools and inspiration required to make getting its members into the pound as simple as possible for them. Visit their site or contact them for updates on pricing.


As of now, you have the details on 24 hour fitness super sport vs sport, you may proceed to get the best membership that fits your need. Fitness is a must for a healthy lifestyle, we should consider the fact and enroll in sport or fitness clubs.

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