How to lose 60 pounds in a month?

lose 60 pounds in a month

I’m more of a loss and not a gain kind of person. I’ve always had a strong desire to lose weight. It was there deep in my psyche as early as I could remember. It was never something that I could ignore or turn away from. However, I didn’t have the knowledge or the desire … Read more

What is Divorce Counseling (Things we should know)

Divorce Counseling

Divorce Counseling for families is a kind of mental therapy that helps couples to address conflict in their relationships. It helps a couple to make decisions whether they should remain married or file for a divorce. Also, some couples take divorce counselling after completing their divorce to have some mental ease and forget their past … Read more

What is Couples Therapy and Individual Therapy

Couples Therapy and Individual Therapy

Therapy is a form of treatment to help out people with their problems. Couples therapy indicates a type of attempt to improve relations between couples if they are facing problems. On the other hand, individual therapy especially focuses on a particular person and tries to solve his problem. In this case, the therapist tries to … Read more

Are Broiler Eggs Good for Your Health or Not

Are Broiler Eggs Good for Your Health or Not

Eggs are suddenly becoming a taboo. Everyone is taking them as guilty of being fattening and laden with heart unhealthy cholesterol. Among every food on the planet, eggs are the most nutritious food. One large boiled egg contains Vitamin A: 6% of the RDA, Folate: 5% of the RDA, Vitamin B5: 7% of the RDA, … Read more

How Fast Do Medical Helicopters Fly

medical helicopter

We all know how useful medical helicopters are during emergency situations. However, sometimes we’ve got questions for example how fast do medical helicopters fly? Or maybe you know the answer, but you’re curious what updated information is available. If you have the same question then here is the answer. The maximum speed of a helicopter … Read more