What is Couples Therapy and Individual Therapy

Therapy is a form of treatment to help out people with their problems. Couples therapy indicates a type of attempt to improve relations between couples if they are facing problems. On the other hand, individual therapy especially focuses on a particular person and tries to solve his problem. In this case, the therapist tries to help a person work through his problems. 

Couples therapy is a very effective method when it comes to a conflictive relationship. It is consulted by a professional therapist. Approximately half of the married couples end with divorce. Also, 20% of couples face problems with affection, communication, understanding, etc. So in this case, advice from a trained counsellor will be a helping hand to sort things out. The counsellor tries to figure out the problems between couples. Then finds a solution to work through their relationship. 

Individual therapy is a form of treatment that works in helping a person with his issues in his personal life. A person may face difficulties in his life due to many reasons. It may be because of marital life issues or others. If a person seeks medical attention from a therapist, the doctor first tries to know his problem and issues. After that, he advises what he has to do to get rid of his problems. 


Couples Therapy vs Individual Therapy   

When it comes to solving problems faced in marital life, couples therapy is more effective than individual therapy. Relationships do not always work as well as you want. Couples may face many problems in their life. Sometimes it will seem that your partner is not giving you time or he or she is cheating on you. Also, you can face difficulties in understanding each other, lack of affection, or interest. This may lead to thinking of divorce in your mind. “Separation will be better” may come to your mind. Consulting a professional counsellor will be a better option in terms of dealing with problems and reorganizing your life. 

In a hassling relation when couples go to couples therapists, the therapist helps them out from their problems. He hears both of their issues and tries to know where the problem is. Therefore he tries to improve relations between them and solve interpersonal problems and hassles. 

But if one of them go for individual therapy he or she may face two issues such as :

  1. He/she blames himself/herself for the problems.
  2. He/she thinks the other partner is responsible for all problems. 

So consulting an individual therapist will help you with the problems on your side but it will not be of much help in resolving the relationship. If you are facing anxiety, depression, or other problems in your marital life, individual therapy may be of good help in getting rid of these. 


Why Are These Important?   

Couples therapy and individual therapy are of great help in a messy relationship. Couples therapy is designed to identify problems and issues. The psychiatrist tries to recreate a healthy relation between them ending all the hassles. But if your mind is set for separation, you may even face mental problems after or during a divorce. So, the help of a therapist in an individual session may benefit you in coping up with your mental worries and troubles. People face many complications during divorce or after divorce. An individual therapy session will be of good help in your personal problems.

Couples therapy can develop a good connection between the couples. They can freely express their words and can discuss the obstacles they are facing. Improving the relationship between couples is the main motive of couples therapy. The separation will be painful for both of them and their child if they have any. So they should dispute the conflicts between them and the therapist will help them to do so. Individual therapy will help you with personal issues but couples therapy will work to protect the relationship. 


Signs When You Know You Need This  

Couples therapy helps the couple to address their opinions. So, if you are facing difficulties in your marital life it will be a good choice to consult couples therapy. “When do you need couples therapy?” may be the question that may cross your mind. Here are some signs that will show when you need this therapy:

  • Lackings in communication.
  • Arguing over small issues. 
  • Fighting or quarrelling more often.
  • Changes in sex life.
  • You feel that your partner is ignoring or cheating on you.


Individual therapy especially is beneficial for personal issues. When the issue is conflicting marital life. Physical and mental problems like weight loss, bad health, anxiety, stress disorder, etc. are the main problems that you will face in a messy relationship. Symptoms, when you need to consult individual therapy, are mentioned below:

  • Struggling in relationship 
  • Feeling anxiety, stress, grief, etc 
  • Losing appetite and weight loss
  • Feeling guilt for hassles
  • Blaming the partner 
  • You don’t feel like being intimidated by your partner.

If you show these signs you should appoint a doctor regarding your problems. 


Problems You May Face and Solution Through Therapy   

There are many problems that you will face in a conflicting relationship. Emotions may hurt you sometimes. At some point in your relationship, it may seem that your partner is ignoring you. He or she doesn’t have any feelings for you anymore. This can be traumatic for you. Here are some common things that couples feel and solutions of these through therapy :


You Think That Your Partner is Cheating on You

Individual Therapy Solution: Knowing that your companion is cheating on you or having an affair with another person, will surely make you angry, sad, and stressed. Then the therapist will figure out your sufferings. He will give a try to crack the reason behind his problems and prescribe a helping method to overcome your grief. 

Couples Therapy Solution: In this issue, couples therapy will be of great help. The counsellor will try to sort things between both of you. He will hear out both of your opinions and feelings. If he finds one person guilty of cheating, he will make him understand his guilt and make him apologize. He will also advise the other person to forgive his or her partner.


You Think Separation is The Best Choice 

Individual Therapy Helps: You may be facing a lot of difficulties with your partner and you think separation will be the best decision. So, in this case, the counsellor will try to know what is the reason behind your decision or thinking. The main problems may be ignorance or feeling for others or not having any feeling for your partner. The therapist will help you to overcome your plights and recommend you to rethink the decision.

Couples Therapy Helps: “Divorce will be better for us and we should move on” this might be your thinking. You should go to a couples therapist when your marital life is in threat. The doctor will try to make things better for you. He will hear out what the problem is and give a solution. He will advise you whether you should separate or stay together, try to bring back feelings and emotions in you for each other. 

So it makes clear that individual therapy will be supportive to clear up your personal problems. To keep your relationship safe and healthy and improve interrelation between you in a conflicting situation couples therapy will be the best option for you. 


Benefits of Couples Therapy and Individual Therapy 

You may have already figured out how beneficial couples therapy and individual therapy are. Though these two are two different things they have some common benefits. Now we will be indicating the benefits in detail. 


Benefits of Couples Therapy

  1. Improving communication between you and your partner.
  2. Learning about the roots for conflicts
  3. Creating a healthy and understanding environment. 
  4. Getting the opportunity to restore intimacy and feel both physically and emotionally.
  5. Solving trust issues

Benefits of Individual Therapy

  1. Learning ways of handling emotions.
  2. It provides coping strategies 
  3. Helps you cope with your anxiety and stress
  4. Solves your mental disturbance and other problems 

Some Common Benefits of Both Therapy

  1. Focuses on improving physical and mental condition. 
  2. Makes personal issues better. 
  3. Effective treatment.

How to Decide What Therapy You Need

Conflicts and quarrels are normal in every relationship. But separation is not always the answer. Couples should discuss and try to mend things between them. But if it reaches an intolerable level, couples therapy will come in handy. But in terms of Personal issues like anger, mental disturbance you should consult an individual therapist. Considering all the matters, it is clear that couples therapy is more productive than individual therapy. Couples therapy focuses both on personal problems and solving conflicts. Individual therapy will only be helpful in personal matters. So if you are unhappy in your marital life but you want to make things perfect again, you should take the help of couples therapy. Individual therapy is also not ignorable. Along with couples therapy, you can also take individual therapy sessions to improve mental conditions. Most specialists recommend both couples therapy and individual therapy. If you and your partner go to couples therapy and consult individual therapy separately it will be helpful for the future of your relation 


Wrapping Up 

You may have already got a crystal clear idea about what couples therapy and individual therapy are, how these are helping, why you need these. Perfectly done couples therapy shows 70% positive changes between the couple which is a pretty good sign. Couples counsellor never recommends divorce rather he mends things. Individual therapy develops a better mental state for a person. Besides, science already proved that therapy is very helpful. Couples should consult a therapist at least once before divorcing. It may change your thoughts and your relationship can get better.

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  1. My sister and her husband are having marital problems because of infidelity. They want to make their marriage work for themselves and their two sons. Since you mentioned that couples therapy helps partners solve their trust issues and improve their communication, I’ll suggest they try this out. Thanks.


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